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March Loving

Although it’s the shortest month of the year, we never thought this month would end. With all the pain from Valentines Day, and work from papers and studying for midterms, we are glad to see the month come to an end. And to make things even better, March is going to be fucking amazing. Here’s why we are loving this month:

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Bucket List

Before leaving Georgetown, we must all do the following:

1.     Eat a Georgetown cupcake

2.     Wake up in some random boys bed

3.     See the cherry blossom trees in full bloom

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Danger Danger

Our nightlife here is bitching. We love taking daddy’s card out to bars, grabbing a casual cocktail at Mai Thai (their mojitos are amazing, btw), or dancing the night away at clubs. But with all the fun we have, comes a little risk. In order to have a social life here, we need fakes. And because of that every night we are “breaking” the law and could potentially get into trouble. Sorry for being the downer by bringing up such a serious topic, but we have to look out for our fellow hoyas.

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Valentine’s Day

Yes, it’s finally that awful time of year again, that all girls silently dread. No, it’s not bathing suit season yet. But it is the official time of love and romance, where all us single girls get reminded of our lack of boyfriends by the oh so wonderful holiday known as Valentine’s Day.

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Going Out vs. Staying In

We’re college girls, so there is no question about that fact that we like to party. Once Monday rolls around, all we do is wish and yearn for Thursday night (or maybe even Wednesday night if we are feeling desperate).  But with all of this nonstop partying, sometimes we, and our body, need a break. But let’s be real, It’s pretty much impossible to resist when all of your friends and people on your floor are pregaming and getting ready for their fun night. So how do we decide what to do? Make a pro-con list of course (or more of a pro-pro list).

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Me Gusta Mexicano

Everyone one has a weak spot for Mexican food, whether it’s the chips, the guacamole, or the quesadillas (or all of it…). It always ends up being one of those meals where you can’t put your fork down, and have to unbutton your pants by the end of the night. Nothing can compare to Mexican food from California (we know you’re having withdrawals, socal kids), and we won’t try to argue that. But there are some pretty good places in Georgetown and D.C. to go get our fiesta on. 

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Our Dish on Alcohol

Boys will come and go, that faux fur vest will be stylish today and hideous tomorrow. Everything is forever changing, but the only thing that will stay constant in our lives is alcohol. We sound like fucking alcoholics, right? If you consider getting shit tossed on the weekends, dreaming about that delicious margarita you had last weekend in Econ class, and blacking out every once and a while, well then yeah, we’re alcoholics. Sue us. You can’t disagree that when you throw alcohol into the mix, it suddenly makes everything soooo much more fun. You can take any boring TV show or movie, make a rule, and BAM you have yourself a drinking game along with instant fun.

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Welcome Gays Take Beer? We Got the Beat? No one actually knows what WGTB stands and many don’t even know what WGTB is.  Lucky for you guys, we’re here to always keep you posted. WGTB is Georgetown University’s student run radio. The “djs” basically have free range for what they want to do, play, and say (as long as it’s kosher and nothing too scandalous). So it makes for a pretty wide range of shows, which all are amazing. There are some who play music that they are into, or others have a more specific playlist. For example, the radio show IndyIndie on Sunday nights at 11 PM switches between playing indie music and Indian songs (think Bollywood).  Then you got your classic talk shows and we even have a show dedicated to making us laugh, “Jokes After Midnight” (creative title…).

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If you a) don’t know what froyo is, b) never have tried frozen yogurt, or c) don’t like frozen yogurt, then you are not a girl. It’s as simple as that. For some reason, we as girls have this strange obsession with this trendy frozen treat…. maybe because we don’t feel as guilty while eating it as we do while eating ice cream (the word yogurt is in it, so it has to be somewhat good for you, right?). It’s also the perfect social setting, replacing the outdated coffee shop. Instead of catching up with the girls or having a first sober encounter with that guy you’ve been sleeping with over a cup a coffee, we are now interacting over a spoonful of frozen yogurt. And lucky for us we have many places to do this at in Georgetown. So listen up all you yogurt connoisseurs, here is what Georgetown has to offer: 

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